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Brief History About Terry Crowder

Getting to know your Chiropractor

After watching his father regain the use of his legs after seeing a Chiropractor, and being a patient himself, as well as seeing his wife overcome her Migraine Headaches (see her story in our old ads section) he decided to become a Chiropractor.
After graduating Dr. Crowder came to Texas to open a practice but instead was offered an Associate position with the McKinney Chiropractic Center. In the Fall of 1991 Dr. Crowder opened his own clinic. After 20 years of taking care of McKinney’s problems with low back pain, neck pain, hand numbness, shoulder pain or loss of shoulder movement, headaches and allergies Dr. Crowder was introduced to the Upper Cervical Brainstem procedure and began to have patients overcome hand tremors, diabetes, essential tremors and many other serious health conditions.
Today Dr. uses computerized testing to determine the exact cause of patient’s health problems and to help determine the course needed to get the patient back to health.
I enjoyed giving you a little background about myself and how I started in practice! I hope you got to know me a little better. Before you go I would like to show you something special…

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