Dizziness – Striking Out the Root Cause

Vertigo, Dizzy, Dizziness, SpinningDizziness can be alarming.  All of a sudden, you may feel lightheaded or lose your balance.  There can be many reasons for a dizzy spell – dehydration, a sudden drop in blood pressure, such as sitting up quickly from a lying down position, problems with the ear, and motion sickness to name a few.  Dizziness is an extremely common reason many adults pay a visit to their doctor.

Recently, dizziness has brought Major League baseball player Stephen Drew, 2nd baseman for the New York Yankees, out of the game completely.  Drew has been plagued with dizziness and equilibrium problems that have forced him out of his starting position and into the dugout.   It can sometimes be difficult to chase down the cause of dizziness.  For the Yankees’ Stephen Drew, he connects his recent bout with a bad head cold that left fluid in his ears.

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In McKinney, TX, upper cervical chiropractor Dr. Crowder can help patients experiencing dizziness by addressing misalignments of the vertebrae in the neck that can actually be creating the dizzy spells.  When one of the top two vertebrae in the neck shift away from their normal position, it can cause reduced function of the nerves in that area – nerves that are responsible for relaying information between the brain and the body about key things such as balance and where your body is positioned in space.  A disruption in this function caused by a spinal misalignment can be the root cause in many dizziness cases.

Using gentle adjustments, Dr. Crowder is able to restore those normal lines of communication within the nerves so that the messages between the brain and the body can be received properly.  Upper cervical chiropractic care has been used an effective and natural way to relieve the sensations of dizziness and vertigo, and you don’t need to play in the Major League to experience the benefits!

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