Surprising Facts about Migraines in McKinney Texas

Headache, Migraine, Upper CervicalThe number of people in America that suffer from either migraines or other types of headaches is surprising alone.  It is estimated that approximately 45 million people live with chronic headaches, and of those 45 million, 28 million suffer from migraines.  There are other facts about migraine that may also be surprising to learn about.

  • Migraine sufferers may have an increased risk for suicide or suicide attempts. People with classic migraines, which carry associated symptoms of aura, light sensitivity, and nausea to name a few, may carry an even higher risk than those who suffer from common migraines.1
  • Medication use could actually be making your migraines worse, resulting in a condition called “medication-overuse headaches”2
  • Migraines can be connected to other serious health issues. When compared with the general population, migraine sufferers have a higher risk of stroke and other cardiovascular-related conditions.1

Migraines are not only painful and difficult to tolerate, they also contribute to loss of quality of life, productivity, and ability to function normally day to day.  Fortunately for migraines sufferers, there are natural alternatives to approaching treatment.

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Dr. Crowder, an upper cervical chiropractor, specializes in detecting the underlying cause of many people’s migraines and other types of headaches.  Upper cervical chiropractors take a specific approach to addressing misalignments in the upper neck, at the level of the C1 and C2 vertebrae.  This area is neurologically rich, and the upper two bones in the neck have the important job of protecting the brain stem.  If a misalignment of either one of these bones is located, a specific adjustment designed for that particular individual has the ability to restore normal function to the nervous system.  This has been an effective way for many migraine sufferers to start seeing quick and permanent relief from their symptoms.  By correcting the problem at the root cause, migraine patients are able to get back to living life at a higher standard of quality.


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