Migraines, Asthma and the Spinal Connection

Headache, Migraine, Upper Cervical, Migraines, Headaches, Migraines are an extremely common condition, affecting a whopping 38 million men, women, and children in the U.S. alone.   Migraines also tend to run in families – if one parent is a migraine sufferer, there is a 40% chance that their child will also have migraines.  If both parents are affected, that chance grows to 90%!  Some people may not realize how debilitating migraines can be – they’re not just a really bad headache.  Migraines are often accompanied by extreme sensitivity to light, sound, or smells, as well as nausea, vomiting, and visual disturbances.

A recent study showed a possible link between asthma and migraines.  This link may be due to the common theme of inflammation, either of the airways in the case of asthma, or inside the blood vessels in the case of migraines.  Overall, the presence of asthma in a person practically doubled their risk of having chronic migraines – 15 attacks or more on a monthly basis.

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What is important to note about the possible correlation between asthma and migraines is the connection of both conditions to the proper function of the nervous system, which is responsible for the control of inflammatory responses in the body.  Interferences in nervous system function can be caused by spinal misalignments, particularly at the level of the brainstem.  The two bones that normally provide protection for the brainstem can misalign as a result of an injury or wear and tear on the spine.  This can put abnormal pressure on the brainstem, disrupting nervous system function, which can be attributed to chronic migraines.

Crowder Specific we take a natural approach to migraines. We look at the alignment of the vertebrae in the upper neck that protect the brainstem and are able to gently realign them when necessary.  This allows normal neurological function as well as normal blood flow to be restored between the head, neck, and body.  Vital information is carried via the brainstem, and those messages must be conveyed properly in order for the body to function normally and for you to be migraine free.




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