Neck Pain—A Common Side-Effect of Tablet Use

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Neck pain is a common problem in the world today, and it may become even more problematic due to the ubiquitous use of tablets, especially for TV binge-watching. Before you spend 4 hours or more slumped over the small screen catching up on your favorite show, consider the following.

Posture and Your Upper Cervical Spine

When you are standing or sitting straight and looking directly ahead of you, your upper cervical spine is balancing your head—all 10 to 12 pounds of it. But when you change your posture, that amount of weight increases dramatically.

  • Looking down at a 15-degree angle increases upper cervical pressure to 27 pounds
  • A 30-degree angle produces 40 pounds of pressure
  • You neck supports 49 pounds of weight at a 45-degree angle
  • A 60-degree angle creates 60 pounds of stress (5-6 times the weight it is designed to bear)

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What does this mean when it comes to tablet and smartphone use? To avoid what has been termed iPad-neck by some and Netflix-neck by others, you need to keep your portable device at eye level. Try getting a stand for your device rather than holding it in your lap and looking down for hours at a time. A few seconds to check a text here and there may not amount to much, but hours of TV watching can do some serious damage. 60 pounds of pressure is more than enough to cause a misalignment.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care for Neck Pain

Whether neck pain is self-inflicted through poor posture or the result of an accident, it is important to correct any underlying misalignments. This is because the C2 vertebra at the top of the cervical spine can place pressure on the brainstem if misaligned. The results can be everything from migraines to vertigo.

At Crowder Specific Chiropractic, we focus on the upper cervical spine to relieve neck strain and help improve posture, thus reducing the amount of pressure being placed on the upper spine.

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