Vertigo Can Arise from Past Injuries

Vertigo, Spinning, Headache, Dizzy
Vertigo can be the result of past injuries to the neck that have not been properly cared for. Since many ignore neck injuries and expect them to go away on their own, the initial damage caused to the neck eventually begins to affect the ears and the vestibular system which is responsible for maintaining balance.

The top vertebrae in the neck are also called the upper cervical spine. When a misalignment occurs here, it affects how the weight of the head (10-14 pounds) is distributed across the body.

The righting reflex is in charge of keeping the eyes level to the horizon. Because of this, when a misalignment occurs in the neck, other parts of the body have to shift to compensate. Especially when the C1 and C2 are misaligned, this can create pressure on the brainstem or in the spinal cord.

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Brainstem Dysfunction Leads to Vertigo

The brainstem plays a vital role in helping to maintain balance. It is the communication center between the ears and the brain. When a misalignment in the neck is affecting brainstem function, signals from the vestibular nerve and other parts of the body can become distorted. Vertigo is just one possible outcome of such an occurrence.

A Natural Solution in McKinney, TX

If you suffer from vertigo, I want to encourage you to set up an appointment for a consultation. Upper cervical chiropractors have had great success in treating vertigo since the condition often springs from an upper cervical misalignment.

We start with a thorough examination of the upper spine to determine if a misalignment exists. Once the exact location and degree of the misalignment can be identified, necessary corrections can take place. As a result, patients may experience a lessening of the frequency or severity of vertigo, and some may enjoy complete resolution.

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