Vertigo, Dizziness & Disequilibrium – A Common Thread

Vertigo, Dizzy, Dizziness, Spinning, Menieres DiseaseWhile there are some basic differences between the three, dizziness, vertigo, and disequilibrium are common symptoms that many people pay a visit to their doctor for.  Even though the three may share a common cause and be very similar, it’s important to know the definitions:

  • Dizziness is the sensation of feeling faint, light-headed, or unsteady.
  • Vertigo has a rotational component.  It may feel like a person is spinning or that their surroundings are spinning around them.
  • Disequilibrium means a loss of balance or unsteadiness accompanied by spatial disorientation.

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The way our bodies sense and maintain balance is rooted in basic brain-body communication.  Through various systems, the body relays messages to the brain about its position.  For example, pressure sensors in the feet send messages to the brain about where they are positioned on the ground.  These messages are processed in an area of our nervous system called the brainstem.  In response to messages about the body’s position, the brain sends signals back to different muscles to help maintain balance and posture.

When brainstem function is compromised, these messages can easily get mixed up. Pressure on the brainstem can occur from a misalignment of the vertebrae whose job it is to protect it.   When a misalignment happens at the top two bones in the neck, it can affect the normal communication of the signals responsible for balance.  Dr. Crowder helps many patients with vertigo, dizziness, and disequilibrium recover by correcting the alignment of these vertebrae.  By restoring normal alignment to this critical part of the spine, normal function is allowed to resume.  Proper alignment of the upper cervical spine is especially important for people who experience vertigo and dizziness, as this can be the underlying cause of your condition.


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